• 24 hour access
  • the most affordable in the area
  • crushed concrete and milled asphalt parking surface


Macomb RV Storage conveniently provides a free dump out station to all of its current tenants. The dump out station is available 24/7, even through the winter season.

Dump Station Tips
-Dump the black-water tank before the gray-water tank so the water” from the gray tank can clean the residue from the hose.
-Don’t dump the black-water tank until it is at least two-thirds full and don't leave the tank valve open when hooked up at a campsite.
-For easier use, a heavy-duty sewer hose about 6 to 8 feet long will be the best choice.
-Do not use your fresh water hose for rinsing sewer hoses or the dump station area.
-Be sure to wear protective rubber gloves and avoid touching the outside of the gloves.
-Never put anything other than the contents of your holding tanks into the dump station.